About us

Demco Europe is the market leading library and educational resources company based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. Using our extensive experience we work efficiently with a wide range of professionals around the world to offer our customers the highest quality products and services.
So, whether the need is public, educational, academic or commercial, we can provide an exceptional solution to cater for your needs.

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Demco Europe is a member of the Wall Family Europe group of companies owned by the Wall Family Enterprise.

Vision & Objectives

We aim to become the preferred specialist product and service supplier to all libraries, universities, colleges and schools across Europe.

Cultural Aims:

  • Our work environment is a trusting one where all colleagues are respected and integrity is never compromised.
  • Demco encourage and support individual and group contributions. We seek further development of our colleagues and strive to meet personal needs through opportunities available in the company.
  • We are a learning organisation eager and unafraid to try new things, and we recognise the value and benefits of working to and learning by continuous improvement.
  • Our values of respect, honesty and integrity are honoured throughout our dealings with all our stakeholders. Our business partners in turn share values similar to ours.
  • We are personally held accountable to honour our commitments and actions, and our intentions are always in the best interest of our customer and our colleagues.
  • Our primary focus is on our customers. We anticipate their needs and respond with products and services that exceed their expectations.
  • We believe in maintaining a balance between home and work, and support healthy lifestyles.
  • Open communications, the exchange of ideas, clear organisational structure and empowerment will help us achieve success.

Health & Safety

The Company's Health and Safety Policy (as required under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) is intended to ensure that its activities are conducted in such a way as to minimise any possibility of danger to the health and safety of its co-workers and to other persons using the premises.
The responsibility for implementing and maintaining the Company's policy rests with all members of Management and Directors in the Company. The Company's intention is to use equipment which safeguards the health, welfare and job satisfaction of those involved in operating such equipment. When equipment is selected, consideration will be given to the health and safety aspects of its design.