Demco Europe is the market leading library and educational resources company based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. Using our extensive experience we work efficiently with a wide range of professionals around the world to offer our customers the highest quality products and services.
So, whether the need is public, educational, academic or commercial, we can provide an exceptional solution to cater for your needs.

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Demco Europe is a member of the Wall Family Europe group of companies owned by the Wall Family Enterprise. Wall Family Enterprise Organisational Chart


Demco Europe is Committed to:

  • Reducing the impact of all our activities on the environment. Wherever possible all products sourced have been manufactured from sustainable sources.
  • Our supplier selection criterion encourages all manufacturers to adopt an eco-friendly approach to their manufacturing processes. All real wood products are selected on the basis that they are from renewable and sustainable sources.
  • We do not specify or use tropical hardwoods in any of our product ranges, and actively discourage our customers from selecting them. We encourage our suppliers to use water based finishing agents on all specified furniture.
  • We actively encourage customers to avoid environmentally damaging manufacturing processes such as chroming of frames etc and recommend safer robust materials that do not impact so severely on the environment, yet maintain the longevity of products.
  • We attempt to utilise technologies which minimise energy and materials consumption in our products and processes.
  • We ensure where reasonably practicable that the products we sell are environmentally disposable or recyclable and the materials we use are recycled.
  • We encourage our colleagues to recognise their responsibilities regarding protection of the environment.
  • We aim to meet or exceed all applicable government regulations.
  • Spares and replacement parts of products supplied will be readily identifiable and available for as long as is practically possible and provided for within manufacturers guidelines.